Dubtree Artist Family Surf Team Rider Jarrod Bell took a trip down to Mexico recently and scored!
Check out this video shot in just a few days, highlighting some of the awesome times and amazing waves Jarrod scored!
Where’s he’s heading to next?  We’ll have to wait and see!
You Can’t Stop The Dubtree Family!

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Over the weekend, Dubtree Photographic Contributor and Women’s Apparel Design Assistant, Alexis Dubtree, hit the road to Arizona for a quick little getaway, and to catch some really awesome flicks!

Check out, and welcome Alexis to our blog, enjoy!

– Matt

Alexis’ Blog post:

When you get two days off from work, and plan a Spontaneous Road Trip to Sedona.  Nothing I love more than just getting up & going on a road trip to adventure the beauty of what life has to offer.

image1If your not Vibinn’ or Explorin’, your not getting the full taste of Life. So go out & Live that full taste of Life! image2We do not see nature with our eyes, but with our understandings and our hearts.

We never notice the beauty because were too busy trying to create it.

image4Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.

Let me tell you something.. You’ll find a better connection with life, when your going out Exploring, Adventuring, Being free in the midst &  focusing on where your at in that exact moment.


Until next time friends,

Photos/Words by Alexis Dubtree
Edited by Matt Dubtree

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Our “Fall Vibes” Collection is Now Available via our Online Store!

Juanje AD 4 F15 Juanje AD 3 F15Matt ad 7Don’t forget that all U.S. orders $75+ get FREE shipping!  International shipping is available.

We have a ton of items still ON SALE in our Online Store so take advantage before everything is gone.

Our Holiday ’15 Collection is coming soooooon…

Thank you to everyone who has continued to hold it down for us.  I see you; thank you so damn much.



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We’re down to the last few of our 5 Year Anniversary Genuine Leather Key Fobs!  Don’t wait around for the Holiday Sales because these will be gone by then!

Get yours today via our Online Store!

These key fobs are NOT available anywhere else!!



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RAISE THE BAR – A True Story of Motivation

“SamyRoad brings you “Raise the Bar”, a documentary about the BMX Flatlander Juanje Trujillo, directed by Alberto Moya.
Juanje Trujillo’s inspirational story about living with a disability and refusing to let it be an obstacle when it comes to achieving your dream.
Alberto Moya, one of Spain’s most important representatives in the world of BMX and ranked 10th at the World Circuit in 2014, combines his sport with another passion: cinema. This time he has travelled to Málaga to pay tribute to Juanje Trujillo.
SamyRoad collaborates supporting once more the initiative of Alberto, one of our most well-recognised ambassadors.
We invite you all to watch and share the video!” –

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I’m super hyped to announce that our Fall ’15 – “Fall Vibes” Collection is Now Available for purchase via our Online Store.

This capsule collection consists of two items: our ‘Ringer‘ t-shirt, and our ‘Malaga‘ Zip-Up Hooded T-shirt.  Both pieces are great for the unpredictable weather of Fall, however they’re also great items to wear all year around.


Juanje AD 2 F15 MATT AD 23 F15



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So this little clothing company. this little ass brand that people have banged on, tried to shut down, tried to shut me up, have taken team riders from, the one that you said you was “gay” because we were from “Lakewood”, the one that was owned by someone else, the one that I’ve printed almost every single t-shirt in the companies existence, all those crewnecks, hoodies, the labels, stickers, and so on.  All that shit that certain close minded individuals said couldn’t be done; said I was doing wrong.

Where are they now?

I’ve seen so many brands come and go that it’s literally funny.  We all start out and we’re all arrogant, talking shit, acting like we’re The Hundreds, and then shit gets real.  As time goes on you either put up or shut up.  You either get wiser, or you, well, I don’t really know, I guess do the same stuff?

We just hit our 5 year anniversary.  5 years ago today my friend Alvaro Resendiz bought some stickers, and that was our first sale; some stickers; it was in my bedroom, I completely remember it.  Over the last 5 years I’ve tried it all.  I tried to stay underground, I tried to keep it real for the hood, I tried to mess with some larger retail stores, and after all of that, after 5 years all I can say is sometimes the best formula is to stick to your roots.  Some people do this for show, and some of us do this for life.  Personally, I’m a lifer.  Dubtree is an addiction at this point, to see how gnarly we get, to see how far we can take production, and so on.

If it wasn’t for our loyal fans, friends, and family, there’s no way we would have made it 5 years, but here we are.  We’ve outlasted some of the “heavy hitters” of our scene, and it’s all because we’ve stayed true to what the brand is: Driven Unstoppable Belief Towards Reaching Environmental Elegance.  Because of YOU, we are creating something a little more special than what we initially set out to do, so, thank you.

Thank you for your belief, thank you for your trust, thank you for your retweets, reposts, hashtags, hate mail, love mail, online orders, representation, and your never ending love and support for Dubtree.

I learned a lot over the last 5 years, and now… it’s time to get to work.

Check back in the morning for our special 5 year anniversary limited edition item!

Love you,


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